Practice Facility

Dear School Families,You may have noticed construction taking place on the roof of the round building. The round building which currently houses our junior high and cafeteria is in the process of receiving a new roof cover. In the past, this roof has had a tar and pea gravel covering which must be replaced about every fifteen years. This roof is at the end of its lifespan and has developed leaks. These leaks can adversely affect the structure but can also decrease air quality inside the building. We have been approved to use federal funds (ARP ESSER III) to replace the old roof with a modern rubberized coating that should eliminate leaks, make the building more energy efficient, and improve air quality. This is not a structural project and can be completed without having to move classes. The project should be completed by the end of October.

The preschool has also been awarded grants which have allowed us to make various improvements in that building as well. We have been able to update several classrooms with new carpet and furniture. The walls have received a fresh coat of paint and the restroom floors and walls have received a coat of waterproof antibacterial coating. The steps at the entrance to the preschool have been rebuilt with a built-in heating system that will prevent water from freezing on them in the winter. The playground for the three- and four-year-old children was updated a few years ago with a rubberized fall zone. This fall the playground for the one- and two-year-old children will receive new equipment along with a rubberized fall zone for safety. We are also in the process of replacing the old HVAC system in most of our preschool classrooms with a new quieter and more energy efficient system.

You may have also noticed a recent addition to the campus located near the softball and baseball fields. This is our new indoor practice facility. It will primarily be used by the baseball and softball teams, as well as by the golf team. It has a turf floor with two batting cages. We are in the process of installing a golf area with protective net as well. The facility will utilize a Hittrax baseball simulator and a Sky Trak golf simulator. These systems provide outstanding diagnostic capabilities for game improvement and allow students to play against other teams from across the country or play a game simulation at Busch Stadium or Pebble Beach Golf Course. All of this will allow these teams to improve their skills year-round without having to wait for weather conditions to improve.

In coming days I look forward to sharing improvements we have been making with curriculum and extracurricular activities. Moving forward we will continue our endeavor to provide a school that makes our community proud. Our goal is providing our kids with an education that aids them in achieving their dreams and providing them with a lifetime of great memories from time spent on this wonderful hill we call Marmaduke School District.

Keith Richey