Please take the time to read over the instructions outlined below. Your child’s safety is paramount to all of us here at Marmaduke School District and our goal is that there are NO accidents at the bus stop.       


From Hwy. 49 turn onto N. 12th Ave. between the Utility Trailer & Laubach Companies buildings.  Follow N. 12th Ave. and turn left into the BRTC entrance on the left.  The entrance will lead you to two parking lots.  The first lot is Lot C and the second lot is Lot D.  Drop off and pick up will be in Lot D.  Be aware that the campus police patrolling    this area are extremely serious about maintaining the posted speed limits on campus!


*It is mandatory for students to apply had sanitizer upon loading the bus.  The bottle will be located at the front of the bus for students to use.  It is also highly recommended that all students wear a mask while on the bus due to close proximity seating.  However, K - 3 students are not required to wear them.  Students in 4 - 12 ARE required to wear masks while on the bus and this policy will be enforced for this group of students.  


The bus will arrive at the campus and enter through lot C and continue around to lot D between 7:15 & 7:20 a.m. The driver will park the bus at the South entrance of lot D.  This will block that entrance once the bus arrives. Vehicles are to exit through the North entrance.  Once the students are loaded the driver will exit the lot through the South entrance to return to school. (See attached map on bottom) 


Our afternoon drop-off time is 3:30 and the driver will enter and exit the same way in the afternoon as described in the morning pick up above. Once all the students are unloaded in the afternoon, the driver WILL NOT make any unscheduled stops.  If there are any children remaining on the bus after drop off, they can be picked up at the elementary in aftercare when the bus returns to school. (See attached map on bottom)


We recommend parking your vehicle on the West side of the parking lot so that the bus driver can observe students walking towards/getting on the bus. We also recommend parents back their vehicles into a parking space.  It is much easier to see in front of you than it is backing out of a parking space! This is for safety reasons!


DO NOT leave the parking lot until the bus driver has signaled you to do so! This means both the morning and the afternoon stops.  Last year was much better than previous years!  We have you all to thank for this, so THANK YOU!  However, we can still improve in this area.  We as adults should recognize being in a hurry is NO excuse for putting a child’s life in danger!  Wait until all students are loaded/unloaded and the driver signals for you to leave. 


If you arrive late and the bus is still sitting in the lot, proceed to a parking spot like the rest of the cars.  This will ensure that there is no congestion around the school bus.  If the bus is in motion out of the campus, the driver WILL NOT STOP to let your child on.  You will be responsible for getting them to school at that point.


I will meet with the students who ride the bus and explained all of this to them, but I will need your help reinforcing this to the children.  Please assist us in telling your child that if their ride is not there to come back to the driver so he can take them to the school to be picked up in aftercare.  A student riding back to school is a much better option than them becoming lost, abducted or worse because of being left unattended in a parking lot.  Marmaduke School District is responsible for transporting your children from and to the bus stop. It is your responsibility to have someone there to drop them off/pick them up.  Please take the time to make sure that your child has a ride there ready at the appropriate times.

            In closing, we are excited to be able to use the BRTC parking lot as a bus stop and I          believe we can all agree that the safety of your child is most important.  I am very thankful for you as parents/guardians in placing your trust in us with your child’s educational experience.  Please help us in enforcing these new policies.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me using the following information:


Steve Richey