High School Faculty Email Addresses

Melissa Blackburn, Librarian                                             mblackburn@marmadukeschool.com

Stephanie Brandaberry, Math 9-12                               sbrandaberry@marmadukeschool.com

Karen Church, Counselor                                                  kchurch@marmadukeschool.com

Kelly Clayton, Math 9-12                                                      kclayton@marmadukeschool.com

Matthew Collier, Civics, A.P. World & U.S.History                   mcollier@marmadukeschool.com

Mike Cook, Language Arts 11-12                                    mcook@marmadukeschool.com

Amy Dennis, Band 7-12                                                     adennis@marmadukeschool.com

Samantha Featherston, English 9-10/Drama                  sfeatherston@marmadukeschool.com

Kyle GardnerScience 9-12                               kgardner@marmadukeschool.com

Megan Hensley, Jr High Math 7-8/Yearbook                                 mhensley@marmadukeschool.com

Morgan Hawley, Jr High Science 7-8/Baseball                  mhawley@marmadukeschool.com

Linda Hurst, SpEd Math/Language Arts 10-12                   lhurst@marmadukeschool.com

Laura Faulkner, SpEd Math/Language Arts 7-9                lfaulkner@marmadukeschool.com

Michael Lentz, Voc. Business 9-12,                              mlentz@marmadukeschool.com

Natalie Massey, Social Studies 9-12                        nmassey@marmadukeschool.com

Bill Muse, Assistant Superintendent                                                       bmuse@marmadukeschool.com 

Jacob Nolen, Jr high English 7-8/ Asst. Boys Basketball                          jnolen@marmadukeschool.com

Kerry Reddick, Art 9-12                                                     kreddick@marmadukeschool.com

Debbie Richey, Science 10-12                                          dirchey@marmadukeschool.com

Ginger Richey, Choir/Piano 7-12                                       grichey@marmadukeschool.com

Steve Richey, Golf/A.D./Transportation/Soc Studies 8          srichey@marmadukeschool.com

Nikki Robinson, Service Learning 11-12                         nrobinson@marmadukeschool.com

Shane Robinson, Principal 7-12                     srobinson@marmadukeschool.com

Pam Skoog, FACS                                                              pskoog@marmadukeschool.com

Rick Smith, Girls Basketball/Softball/Soc Studies 7    rsmith@marmadukeschool.com

Marty Vallance, Track/Assistant Girls BB/Health 7-9        mvallance@marmadukeschool.com

Tina Vangilder, Vocational Business 7-12                        tvangilder@marmadukeschool.com

Justin Ward, Boys Basketball/PE 7-9                                jward@marmadukeschool.com

Casey Wells, Agriculture / FFA                               cwells@marmadukeschool.com

Alison West, Gifted & Talented/Yearbook                         awest@marmadukeschool.com


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